Friday, December 28, 2012

Blooms in Winter...

I'm enjoying the daughters of the Pelargonium that, last year, got too big to continue to be a houseplant… I'd blogged quite a bit about it over the Spring/Summer/Fall, how she'd been planted outside for her last hoorah… but of course I couldn't just leave things alone, I took a few cuttings & now have 2 very nice young girls for my efforts…

The Mother Plant

Yes, that's Mama planted outside, and she was the daughter of a plant at my Mom's house, so I guess that makes my Mom's plant (still living outside in Southern California) a Grandma-plant now.

The Daughters… one of which is blooming quite nicely (note the snow outside)...
To give you an idea of scale, those pots are about 7" across on the outer edges of the rims, the blooming one is over 10" tall… the girls are growing up fast!!

Outside its mostly just white… at least for a few more months… yes, we had a White Christmas!

Keep warm!  If you live where it's warm enjoy your gardens… as for me, I'm enjoying the break :)

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