Thursday, May 16, 2013

Signs of Life in Minnesota...

We went through the Winter from Hell this year, not all that particularly cold, not ever overwhelmed by a huge storm, but hellish because it just wouldn't end… and we had snow even into early May… UGH!!

But the good news is… it finally ended!!  We've had normal Spring weather the last (almost) 2 weeks, and even a particularly warm day on Tuesday (90s), and things are bursting with life!!

My young Maple Tree had these lovely lacy blooms… first blooms in my yard this year!

The Goldfinches have been regulars at the feeders…. oops, that's my neighbor's clippings in the background… but the birds are cute!!

During a much-needed break… but I've been hard at work…

After I quit for the day (yesterday)… one more section remains to be done, but the yard is shaping up nicely!!  60 bags down 10 to go (approximate mulch count)….

Can't wait for more to start blooming!!

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