Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Neverending Story...

Just when I think my garden has given up for the season it surprises me and keeps going… and there are signs that it may keep going for a while… this makes me smile!!

Yes!!  A few days ago my Pink Aster finally started opening up her blooms!!

This is from today, she's continuing to open up more blooms each day… I love this!!

Her cousin, the Purple Aster, has lots of blooms now… the Bees sure love the Asters!!

My Bell Peppers have babies… not sure if these will get the chance to grow up into actual edible peppers, but I hope so!!

My Roma Tomatoes have started turning red… Can't Wait!!

I took a chance and picked a few Tomatillos...

This one looked like it might be ready (I've never grown them before)...

I had a few of these in some soup I made today, they were definitely ready to be eaten :)

This massive guy is a Beefeater Tomato, this picture was from a few days ago...

I felt him today, he's ripe (despite a tiny bit of remaining green), so I picked him… he's about 7" across on his longest axis… I said he was massive!!

My Echinacea is continuing to put out new blooms...

My Sedum is getting to be a nice deep pink this year… the Bees love this guy too!!

This Phlox is telling me she's not nearly ready to stop blooming...

This Phlox agreed with her cousin… just look at all those blooms getting ready to pop!!

I've successfully gotten a couple Kalanchoe cuttings to take, they've been moved into the house now.

Some Pelargonium cuttings that also seem to be doing well, these were moved into the house.

Finally, I decided to let my Basil come in & see if I can't keep her going inside… she's doing so well I just couldn't leave her outside to die from cold exposure!!

In other garden news… I've made a bit more progress with my brick edging, but not much, I keep forgetting how busy my life gets in Fall… I'm hoping to get most of the edging done before the sky falls (you know, the white stuff) but won't be surprised if I'm still at it next year… its a Neverending Story!!

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