Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Additions, Moves, Removals, and new Blooms...

Now that cleanup is done I'm on to other things… I planted several new bulbs, but since I didn't think pictures of blank patches of mulch were interesting I didn't bother to post…  If they live & grow I'll share pictures - Promise!!

I also moved some of my River Rock from an area where it wasn't needed to an area it was needed… also not interesting in pictures…

This falls into the category of YUCK!!

I had one persistent patch of Crabgrass that I'd never been able to kill… so I dug it up… Take That Crab Grass!!  Now I just need to pick up some sod to patch this spot :)

My Iris are blooming… well... at least the yellow ones are blooming, my purple ones aren't blooming yet - but soon…  June is very late for Iris to start blooming, my Iris tend to be late but this is later than usual… it's been a strange year!!

Isn't she pretty?  I think she's a keeper!!

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