Wednesday, June 19, 2013

More blooming going on...

It's almost Summer (at least technically) and Spring is finally starting to get into full swing here in Minnesota - very late this year!!

This is a new friend in the garden this year, a Balloon Flower, and she's deciding to start opening her blooms… I love the vibrant color!!

Balloon Flower bloom closeup, not quite all the way open yet...

More of my Beardtongue plants are opening their blooms, I still have one that hasn't opened yet but when she does you'll see the pictures!!

My "short" variety of Day Lily has finally started to put on blooms (about a month later than usual)...

I call this a Bridal Veil Spirea, that's what the locals told me it was, now someone who saw bloom pics on the internet thinks it's something else… do I care?  No, I just like the pretty flowers!!

Dew on a Spiderwort bloom… love this new plant!

Dew on Lantana… love these annuals, I will probably keep getting them year after year!

With everything else starting late I never expected this guy to show up at his usual time… but here he comes, starting to send up shoots (sometimes it starts as late as early July)… this is my Hardy Hibiscus - yes, a Hibiscus that survives Minnesota Winters….

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