Saturday, June 8, 2013

Busy in the Gardens...

We finally had a couple non-rainy days that I could putter, so I got some plants & started putting them into the gardens…

But before I got busy, I noticed another busy creature in the garden...

See this Geranium bloom, it's only about an inch or so across…. it had a happy visitor...

The visitor had been in the center of the flower, but I only caught him after he got done with his happy dance (he was moving too fast) on the edge of a petal - he's just teensy… I'm guessing a bee????

Back on topic now...

So here's what got planted / transplanted / photo'd over the last couple days…

Pentas - Graffiti White, 10 planted in the gardens + 2 planted in pots (along with other things).

Lantana - I planted 3 different types, two of each color, 6 total...

Another one of the Lantana, this one is a beautiful yellow.

Plumbago - Imperial Blue, this is a larger plant.

Behind 6 Pentas there are two more larger plants that were added: Liguria - Little Rocket, Daisy - Becky.  These two are Perennials - all the others were Annuals.

Pentas - Graffiti Pink, I planted 6 of these.

Here is one of the pots I mentioned earlier (there are 2), with a White Pentas, a mix of Snapdragons, and a mix of Torenia.

Photo of my Yellow Iris, they continue to put out more blooms each day.

Freckle-Face had outgrown her previous home, so after having a serious "trim" a couple weeks ago I decided she was overdue for a larger pot… she looks much more comfortable now in her new abode.

A Tomatillo & one of 4 Tomato plants I potted.

Potted herbs: Rosemary, Basil, Tarragon.

More potted herbs: Cilantro (laying down on the job), Dill, Thyme.

And even more potted herbs: Oregano, Sage, Italian Parsley (can you tell I like to cook?)

My other 3 potted Tomato varieties.

Kalanchoe re-potted into a larger pot & put outdoors for the season.

Potted Double-Imatiens, 4 varieties.

Potted Begonias, 4 varieties.

I repotted my other Kalanchoe, but left her indoors (she's smaller & easier to manage inside).

I also moved both of my potted Pelargoniums outside for the season, one on the upper deck & one on the lower deck.

Whew!!  I've been busy… no wonder I feel a bit wiped out…

The only other plant changes I'm planning on this year:
1) Move the Tulips after the foliage has died off - I plan on putting them around the bottom of my little Maple.
2) After moving the Tulips put some more Annuals between the Daffodils (which will have had foliage die off as well) and the Iris, to keep some color/interested in that area of the garden.