Friday, May 25, 2012

Blooms Bursting Forth!!

Ok… its been a while since I posted, and you're probably wondering why… or maybe you didn't notice because I had set up some pre-scheduled posts… I've been out of town/country on a mission trip to Ukraine… I'm still working on my postings for garden pictures in Ukraine (I have lots to go through), but you'll be seeing a post on that soon.

Meanwhile, why I was away (11 days) my gardens burst out in blooms… here's what I came home to...

My Salvia are blooming, making bursts of purple dotted throughout my garden (I have several of these).  As long as I keep trimming off the expended blooms this will keep blooming all through Summer.  The Bees are very happy to see these...

Salvia closeup

My Geraniums have also started to bloom…  these will get overgrown & have to be thinned once or twice, these also will continue to bloom as long as I don't let them get overgrown, but the blooms will be lesser later in the season.


My Bridal Veil Spirea is blooming nicely this year… last year I trimmed in Spring & didn't get any blooms, lesson learned, trim in Fall.

Bridal Veil Spirea
Bridal Veil Spirea closeup

My Carnival Weigela is starting to bloom, though most blooms are still closed… my other Weigela hasn't opened its blooms yet… the Carnival variety is known for its varied bloom color.

Carnival Weigela
Carnival Weigela closeup

My Paperwhites survived my abuse & are now blooming… this makes me happy!!  I had started these as an indoor project over winter, they had grown but never bloomed, then died off… I thought they were hopeless… Imagine my delight to find that they decided to live, grow, and bloom after being planted in the garden.  What a special treat to discover on my return!!

Yellow Paperwhites

This patch of Iris (one of my favorite flowers) is the result of a gift from a neighbor… her's were overgrown last year & I happily took her cast-aways… now I have Iris growing in my garden… Yeah!!  My yellow variety are in full bloom, my purple ones are just starting...

My Iris patch
Yellow Iris closeup
Purple Iris closeup

Strawberries!!  These lovelies came back volunteer… and they're getting huge!!  Lots more blooms since I left, hope that means I'll get lots more Strawberries this year!!


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