Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rhoda & Dendra...

I was right!!  Rhoda is a twin, but not identical… and her sister Dendra has now shown herself…

Meet Rhoda (the redhead) & Dendra (the blond) my Rhododendron twins!!

Yes, of course there's a story…  

A few years back had been working on cleaning the "junk" plants out of the pit below my oak trees in front… one little ugly scraggly plant, when I pulled it up, had a pot-shaped clump of dirt attached… hmmm… so I replanted it in another spot in my garden to see what would result….

Two years ago I got my first bloom (a bright orange bunch) and discovered that this was a Rhododendron that had been struggling to live under the trees (just too much shade)… that was the only bloom the plant gave me until this year (yep, 1 bloom two years ago & nothing last year)…

This year I was delighted to see that I was going to get at least 7 blooms… I've been waiting for her to bloom again!!

The first 3 blooms to develop were bright orange, no surprise there, but then the next 4 were lighter… this had me puzzled because I thought this was just one plant!!

Closer inspection of my plant revealed two different main branches coming up out of the ground… and I started to suspect I had twins on my hands… and what do you know… I do have twins… a Redhead & a Blond!!

I had been calling my plant Rhoda, now I'm calling them Rhoda & Dendra (Rhoda-Dendra sounds kinda like Rhododendron)….

I'm a happy plant mommy of twin Rhododendron daughters!! :D

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