Saturday, October 6, 2012

Brrr & Brrreeezy...

Yikes!!  The temp has dropped and the wind is blowing!!

Wind blowing like crazy!!

Leaves are falling like crazy here in Minnesota, and they haven't even reached full color yet.  In the picture above the large mature tree across the street is a Maple, she only has about half her leaves in her typical Autumn yellow.

My woods are looking more sparse each day… and the wind is taking more leaves away.

And of course my deck is a mess… but at this point I don't care…  It's cold enough that I'm going to need to empty out & bring in my little fountain - sorry Chickadees but we've got freezing temps coming in the next couple nights…

The Squirrels are being naughty and gnawing at the Suet - pure Suet that my friend at the Bird Store said the Squirrels wouldn't like… hmmm… guess the Squirrels don't know that!!

I had my Sprinkler System blown out, it needed to be done to keep from risking the system once a freeze occurs… I've decided to stop watering in general now & let the garden start going dormant, it's time, the work that didn't get finished this season will be waiting for me when Spring arrives… personally I'm ready for some rest from the gardens.  All that's left is for Jeff to mulch the leaves into the lawn a couple times before the Sn*w falls (sorry about the 4-letter word).  It's been a good season!!

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