Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fattening up the Tree Rats!!

Let's face it, I live in Minnesota, I have woods behind my house…. Squirrels are a given!

Lately the Squirrels have been ravenous, eating up plain beef suet (they don't usually go for this stuff) as well as my husband's warty pumpkin that we have out on the porch…  we wouldn't mind the pumpkin if they'd just wait until after Halloween...

It's no use fighting them, but to keep them from eating everything in sight I've been putting out corn… here are some pics I shot the other day of a couple squirrels pigging out on the deck… Enjoy!!

This chubby guy was more bold than most, he didn't seem to be too bothered by hubby & I having our noses to the windows...

There's another guy out there… check out the planter on the rail...

Look for the bushy tail sticking up in the green planter on the right….

The trees in the woods are all bare now… since we've had a bit of a drought all the critters in the area are more ravenous than usual… I don't mind since growing season is over - as long as they don't do permanent damage.

In this pic you can see them both pretty well… some enterprising squirrel had buried some corn in the planter on the rail, hard to say if it was the guy eating it or not - finders keepers!

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