Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some Like it Hot!!

We've been having hot & stormy weather lately… and things are growing & blooming like crazy!!

Annabelle's closeup

My Annabelle hydrangea is in rare form, she's bigger & bloomier (yes, I know that's not a real word) than she's even been before!!

These wildflowers came up volunteer...

Wildflower closeup - she's pretty!!
Some wildflowers came up that are pretty… in one of the un-groomed parts of the yard.

I've planted some pretty pots of Petunias & placed them near the Garage doors…

My Pelargonium, transplanted from a houseplant into the garden, is happy and blooming (she really likes the hot weather)…

My Day Lilies are exploding with blooms… they love this hot humid weather!!

The whole yard is feeling very Lush!!  And starting to look a bit overgrown again… can't believe I split all these plants down to about 1/3 their original size only a couple months ago…

My Hibiscus (always the last to the party) is really growing now… she'll be full & beautiful again soon!!

Honeysuckle #1 - this variety has some leaves that get a red tinge,
typical yellow bloom clusters, and is medium-full in bushiness.

Honeysuckle #2 - typical green leaves & yellow bloom clusters,
very full & bushy.

Honeysuckle #3 - this is a spindly plant, with branches that stretch
out away from the low-profile main bush, with pretty clusters of
elongated red blooms (these blooms are just getting ready to open).

All 3 of my Honeysuckles (different types) are growing & blooming…



Parsley, Sage, Thyme

Dill, Cilantro, Tarragon

The herb plants I picked up at the Farmer's Market have been planted & seem to love this freaky weather.

The Gregori Peppers have been planted and continue to thrive - these are a specific type of peppers brought over by a friend's family from Italy several generations ago…  This is my first year having them & I'm really looking forward to trying them…

I'd just about given up on my Delphinium this year, she'd poked her head up out of the ground & stalled… that is until I pulled up the California Poppies that had grown in all around her… suddenly she's growing again… hmmm… I think the Tomatoes will just have to be nice & share this space (I need to get them planted soon)…

Well, that's whats been happening in my garden over the last week… As of this evening Spring will officially be over, Summer is about to start so keep growing!!

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