Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back in the Garden...

After a week away due to the heat I'm back in the garden again… this morning was beautiful, and I had an empty spot (or two) in the garden I wanted to tackle… First I headed to the St Paul Farmer's Market & picked up some new Perennials….

My loot from the Farmer's Market


Siberian Larkspur "Summer Blues"

Obedient Plant "Miss Manners"

Phlox "Bright Eyes"


Jacob's Ladder "Heavenly Habit"

While speaking to the grower I bought from, I lamented some of the damage in my garden due to bunnies and/or deer… and he suggested I try Dear Scram… so once home I was off to my local garden store to pick some up…

And of course while I was there I picked up a few Annuals to fill in some spaces where my early risers (Tulips & Daffodils) have already taken their summer nap…

Purple Archangel

Atlantis Heliotrope

Pentas Graffiti Violet

Rose Glow Landmark

Finally it was time to put on my gardening shoes & start digging in the ground…

Can you tell these are my gardening shoes?

Perhaps they're just a bit too broken in?

Here are the results… 

The Annuals were planted between my Paperwhites & Iris, while avoiding my (cut off to the ground) Tulips & Daffodils.

The Perennials were scattered in a previously unplanted bed (unplanted this year)… I thought I might get around to planting more vegetables, but after the issues I had with other seedlings this year I decided to punt that idea… these beauties should keep coming back year after year & bring me lots of pretty blooms to enjoy…

Yes, I used the Deer Scram on/around my new plants… I really hope it works to keep the critters at bay… (fingers crossed)...

Feeling like I accomplished something today… Yes!

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