Monday, August 27, 2012

Engaging the Enemy!!

I'm at War!!

Here in Minnesota we have these somewhat innocuous bugs called Box Elder Bugs, they don't bite or sting or anything… but I get them in such huge quantity (thanks to the woods which have Box Elder Trees) that they end up getting in the house (ugh!), at times dropping onto the dining room table during a meal (yuck!)… I get them by the millions (not an exaggeration) & they have at times latched onto & killed plants trying to come back in Spring (I lost a couple this year)….

Ok, now perhaps you understand why I'm at War…  I've been on a murdering rampage, with spray bottle of dish soap & water in hand (kills the bugs not the plants) for about a week now, with hardly a dent… so today I got out the big artillery - an Ortho "Dial N Spray" with some dish soap hooked to my hose.  I sprayed all the gardens, the two sides of the house where the enemy had been spotted, etc… I even sprayed a Box Elder Tree that is near my deck…

A couple hours later, I ventured outside, and there are still some living… sigh… the war will continue…

In the mean time…

I saw this little winged beauty as I was walking around a local garden center… but she wasn't for sale so I didn't get to take her home… isn't she just a gorgeous redhead!!

Scabiosa - Butterfly Blue

A new Perennial for my yard, in an area that is predominantly in the purple & gold tones (I inherited it that way)… I think the original gardener may have been going for Minnesota Vikings colors...

Echinacea - Sombrero Sandy
Another new Perennial & my first Coneflower… hope she likes her spot on the Mound!!

Here's hoping that there is Peace in your gardens, and that Peace will return to my gardens quickly!!

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