Friday, August 17, 2012

What's Growing On Lately...

Things continue to grow and change as Summer marches along, though I have to say the last couple days feel more like Fall... Brrr!!

On July 7th I posted about a bunch of new plants I'd purchased & planted... this is an update on the Annuals I planted... all still blooming & growing wonderfully!!

Rose Glow Landmark

Pentas Graffiti Violet

Atlantis Heliotrope

Purple Archangel

Compare to where they started (pic from July 7th post):

They've really done well... I've not been disappointed at all, these are definitely ones to consider again for future years' plantings.

In other garden news... I've got Babies!!...

Baby Tomatillo... isn't it cute?

That's right, my Tomatillos that I started from seeds are finally producing fruit... the plants are about 5' tall, and these little guys are starting to pop out... Can't wait.... Yum!!

Finally, first real sign that Fall is approaching faster than I'm ready to admit...

Yep... my tall grasses are starting to bloom... these blooms will fuzz-out nicely in Fall & the grass should dry out & stand tall all the way through Winter, that is unless we get an early wet heavy snow that lasts for more than a few days... But I'm not ready to start thinking about Fall yet...

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