Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blooms, some good, some not so good...

Strawberry Bloom...
I love blooms.  Blooms mean its Spring, things are growing and thriving, I love the colors…  In general if it flowers its my friend… There are exceptions, and today as I was working in my garden I decided that:
  "Happiness is a bucket full of uprooted Dandelions" 
I'm also not fond of Creeping Charlie, back home in California they still think its a House Plant, and it does have pretty flowers, but its nasty to gardens & lawns… 

Red Current Blooms
I'm a bit concerned about my Red Current, it was blooming during the recent overnight freezes, I don't know if its going to produce this year… I only planted it last year, so I'm not really concerned about getting fruit, I just want it to be healthy (and it looks healthy so far).

My Neighbor's Lilac
I'm concerned about my Lilac, it doesn't have many leaves and the blooms haven't opened… now that said, the area in which its planted it seems like everything happens later than it does in my neighbors' yards, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed… I sure hope mine looks like my neighbor's one of these days/years.

2nd Creeping Phlox
This picture doesn't show the color well on my 2nd Creeping Phlox, just now starting to bloom (my other one is covered in blooms)… this one is a pretty purple, but I just couldn't get a shot in which the color didn't was out a bit… hopefully I'll get a better picture when its more fully in bloom… At least this plant is healthy & happy and ready to bloom.

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