Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Getting dirt under my nails

It was warm & dry enough today to venture outside and get a bit more Spring clean-up done, so I smile when I say that I have dirt under my nails (ok, they're clean now, but they were dirty earlier).

The Cottonwood trees have started shedding fluff… its obnoxious & means that in a few weeks I'll be pulling baby Cottonwood trees out of my flower gardens… my allergies don't like it much… but its relatively harmless… better than the other white fluffy stuff we're known to get here in Minnesota.  Don't get me wrong, I like snow… but not in Spring!!

Cottonwood fluff on the lawn… this is minor,
I've seen it several inches thick at times!

Part of my lunch...

I'm still working on Spring clean-up, and having to split almost all my plants this year… so even without the recent weather glitches things would be going slow…  As I'm going I'm pulling up seedlings that the birds have been spreading from the feeders… when I took my break for lunch I started laughing at what I put in my humus wrap, it looks a lot like the seedlings I've been pulling out of the flower beds!!

So if I eat the same stuff the birds eat does that make me a bird brain? 

Anyhow… it was nice to get out in the garden and get a bit of work done… I've got a long way to go but at least I'm seeing progress.  You can tell how far I've gotten by the color of the mulch & the size of the plants…. I'm about 20% done with my flower gardens, and hoping to add a vegetable garden in the back...

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