Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spending time with some friends...

I've been busy trying to whip my gardens into shape… and I'm now about 30% done with Spring cleanup… its going slow because there's just a lot more splitting that needs to be done than usual, my shovel is getting a good workout… I'm getting a good workout too, one thing's for sure - during Spring I don't need a gym membership!

Some friends in the garden:

My first Daffodil is now fully open, and she's being joined by her sisters...

A Chickadee purchased nearby (a few feet away) while I was cleaning up some shrubs.

My Violets are blooming up a storm…

There were a bunch of these pretty butterflies fluttering by… one was nice enough to rest on my oak tree in full sun just feet from me… nice of her to let me get her picture!

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