Monday, April 30, 2012

It was a lovely day in the Gardens until….

I was taking advantage of a beautiful day and doing some more Spring cleanup, I sure will be glad when this monumental cleanup task is done!

My Tulips are opening nicely now, and though they took their time they were worth the wait… they're such a lovely shade of pale pink...

The Daffodils continue to be stunning, I just couldn't resist taking more photos… too bad they won't last a whole lot longer...

My little Rhododendron doesn't have many leaves, but its going to put out at least 7 blossoms… Yes!!

Flowering Shrub
Bad me, I don't know the name of this Flowering Shrub (help anyone?) but this shrub was almost completely wiped out by bunnies last year (or was it the year before that?)… Anyway, I'm very glad that not only has it grown and filled in quite nicely, it looks like its going to produce a bumper-crop of blooms this year… glad I didn't give up on this one!

I was having a great time out in the garden today until….

I slashed my thumb on the wheelbarrow… I had taken off my gloves in order to remove my jacket (I was getting too warm) and didn't think I needed to put my gloves back on to take a load of debris into my woods…  Now you know I'm a novice gardener, a more experienced gardener would have known better, but now I have a bit more experience :)

Ah well, I'd been in the garden for several hours & it was probably a good time to stop…  The rest of the cleanup will have to continue on another day.

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