Monday, April 16, 2012

What to do on a cold gloomy day?

This morning we had snow, yes I know its a four-letter word but its the truth, snow, flakes, falling from the sky… luckily here in the southern half of Minnesota it just melted when it hit the ground… my friends to the north weren't so lucky (I've heard some areas got nearly a foot - yuck!)…

The weather this last week has been downright discouraging… our Spring started early this year, and the plants had already been acting like they were Springing... and what should we get but some overnight freezes  :(   As a gardener its discouraging, but I feel worse for the Apple growers who have had horrific losses... expect Apple prices to go up next year  :(

I've had some damage (see yesterday's post), but most everything should be ok… I hope… my first Daffodil continues to open up (albeit slowly) and she's a beauty!!

So, what to do on a cold gloomy day?  Why play in the mud of course!!  No, I'm not nuts (um… uh…) or I should say not nuts enough to go outside to play today… so I played inside in the mud…

That's right… I planted some seeds… I'm determined to grow more edible plants this year!!  Ok, I guess this proves I am nuts, since my flower gardens alone are almost too much to handle… but I'm sure I'll have some yummy results :)

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