Monday, April 23, 2012

Winning the War!!

I've been doing battle out in the gardens today… and though I'm wounded I'm winning!!

I'm finally finished with cleanup of the gardens near the front porch, this represents about 35-40% of my flower gardens… it feels good to get this big section cleaned (35 bags of cedar mulch so far).  I still have some annuals to plant in the "pit" (under the Oak trees), but that will wait a while… I'm thinking maybe double-impatiens, impatiens do quite well in that shady spot.

I mentioned doing battle… I have tall (5'+ when grown) decorative grasses that have gotten too big & need to be split.  There is no easy way to split these…  the best way I've found of dealing with them is taking a Sawzall to them, cutting through as well as under, and removing chunks.  One of the ones I tackled today (on my mound, not pictured) was a 3' diameter clump, the middle 2' seemed as if it were solid wood (under the ground)… over an hour later with the Sawzall that mammoth was reduced to two (manageable) 1' diameter clumps… All in all I spent almost 2 hours with said Sawzall, and I have the blisters to prove it (no I don't plan on posting pics - ewww!)… but I've won!  There are still more grass clumps to split, but I'm done with the worst of them.

Sprouts reaching for the Sun...
Some of the seeds I planted a few days ago are already sprouting… Yes!!  The ones sprouting so far are the Tomatoes, Tomatillos, and Thyme.  Hopefully the rest will sprout soon, I am looking forward to getting an herb & vegetable garden going this year.

I'm a bit worn out, I spent several hours in the yard today… so I'll leave you with some pretty flowers & call it a night… enjoy!!

Creeping Phlox are blooming nicely!

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